Artist Statement

My Superhero Mission is to Re-Enchant the World through The Arts.  

Because, let’s face it, these days it’s all too easy to feel disenchanted. It’s as though Magic and Wonder are dead and gone, encased in a tomb made of jaded cynicism and modern materialism. Magic and Wonder are still here of course, waiting to be acknowledged.

Re-Enchantment awakens us to Wonder, like the moment when you encounter the Wild or walk in step with the concrete pulse of the City. When you were just thinking of someone and they turn the corner. When the randomness of events fall into perfect order.

Re-enchantment is the attunement to the humming vibrancy of the World.

It’s the feeling of a before unseen world emerging from a brush tip. Of peering into that unknown world, then having the feeling that something is peering back. It’s the way your jaw drops when you see a hand-painted 100-foot-tall photorealistic face or a trompe l’oeil architectural mural. The wry smile when you stumble upon an Occult-Tech device that you swear could work. Holding an object covered with Alien-Deco designs that almost seem to be a forgotten language.

Re-Enchantment is the knowing that Magic is alive.

The trajectory of my work is simple, but the terrain is complex:

I make beautiful things to make the world more beautiful.

I make meaningful things to make the world more meaningful.

I make wonderful things to make the world more full of wonder.

I make the world I want to live in – Strange and Beautiful as it ever was.


Dan Cohen is a classically trained painter, sculptor, muralist, writer, and philosopher. Since graduating with his BFA in 1997, his work has been shown at galleries and festivals around the country – and on many, many buildings and walls.

An artist of the New Renaissance, Dan’s influences include world mythologies, esoteric science, and alternative states of consciousness. His signature elements – beautifully rendered forms, archetypal symbolism, Alien Deco designs, meticulously crafted panels and Occultech constructs – bridge the past and future, magic and technology.

He currently lives and works in the Pacific Northwest, Los Angeles, and New York City.


Selected Exhibitions

Surreal Salon 10
Baton Rouge Gallery – Group Show





Baton Rouge, LA

Surreal Salon 9
Baton Rouge Gallery – Group Show

Baton Rouge, LA

I Must Create
Lost Art Gallery – Group Show

Oakville, CT

AFRU: Sci-Fi Show
AFRU Gallery – Group Show

Portland, OR

Diode Gallery – Group Show

Portland, OR

Red E Gallery – Solo Show

Portland, OR

AFRU Gallery – Solo Show

Portland, OR

Beloved New Years

Portland, OR

SMART Gallery

Lightning in a Bottle, Irvine, CA

Ancient Civilizations / Alien Technologies

Temple of Visions Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Womb of Creation

Temple of Visions Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Resident Artist

The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Temple of Visions

The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Art Spirit Now

Portland, OR

30 Rooms

Portland, OR


San Francisco, CA

Dieterle Gallery – Solo Show

Everett Station Lofts, Portland, OR

Saladin Gallery – Solo Show

Everett Station Lofts, Portland, OR

Nexus – Solo Show

Tiger-Bar Gallery, Portland, OR

Little Things

Guardino Gallery, Portland, OR

Postcards From the Bubble Chamber – Solo Show

Hot Room Gallery, Portland, OR

Selected Public Art Projects

“Oaks Bottom Wildlife Mural”
Portland Memorial Building, Portland, OR 2009
“Sovereign Hotel Architectural Murals”
Sovereign Hotel, Portland, OR 2016
“Fairhaired Dumbbell Murals”
Fairhaired Dumbbell Building, Portland, OR 2017

“The Hero’s Journey Mural”Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center, Newberg, OR 2018

Selected Public Art Collections

“Fresh Perspectives” Portable Artworks collection, 2018
City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture


Lumenal Code, Partner
Dan Cohen Creative Labs, Owner
Innovative Fine Art, Large Scale Murals, and Fantasy Illustration.
Art FX Murals, Lead Painter
Art FX Murals, Art Director






  1. Winona State University, Winona, MN. B.F.A. Summa Cum Laude, 1997.
  2. Classical Painting Apprentice, Master: Esteban Sanchez, 1998-2006
  3. Classical Painting Apprentice, Master: Arthur Pastusak, 1999-2003
  4. Visions in the Mischtechnik, Teacher: Laurence Caruana, 2008
  5. Illustration Master Class, 2011-2016