Techno-Fae is a fantastic realism oil painting by American artist Dan Cohen

Oil on Panel
19.5″ x 14.5″ (framed)

“Cyberspace: an Imaginal Land for creatures of the Imaginal. Is Cyberspace haunted by what in other times were referred to as, “the Good People”, “The Others”, or “The Fae”? After all, They offer us treats and treasures that lead us into a world that isn’t quite Reality. They cast glamours from glowing screens, and fascinate us so we can’t turn away. They are tricksy, capricious, and mesmerizing. They teach us to cast our own glamours, until we identify more with who we are online, than IRL. When they lived in natural spaces, they took on the appearance of those spaces to us: birds, insects, etc. What would they look like if they took on the appearance of our technological spaces? Would they retain any of their former features?”