The Alchemy of Imagination

24″ × 36″Oil on Panel2020 The angelic envoy of the Technosphere brings a secret missive to the Queen of Smokeless Fire. What is the message that’s whispered in her liminal palace? Is it a warning? An annunciation? The Djinn Queen knows it is of great…

Envoy to the Djinn Queen


Oil on Panel 36″ x 24″ Three aspects of our psyche. The Ape, our passions and animal instincts. The Robot, our drive to create order, efficiency, and logic. The Angel, a spirit of compassion attempting to enlighten the darkness. Each has their strengths and weaknesses,…

The Human Condition (Ape, Robot, Angel)


Oil on Panel 24″ x 18″ Loneliness can be suffocating, like the vacuum of space. Floating in the dark vastness of our selfhood, feeling untethered from all that is not us. These times have reminded us of the limits of individualism. Even in your darkest…

The Hermit


12″ x 12″ Oil on Panel 2020 As our Technosphere expands into the Other Realm, entities long sequestered to damp and dark are finding new, glittering networks to exploit. Decay was always just a means to an end. She understands these modern exchange systems, where…

Technoplexus Queen


Bringing art, love, and hope to the streets! During this unprecedented time, Neighbors West-Northwest in partnership with the City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, dedicated funding to support artists and small businesses in NW Portland. Art can help make even the hardest day…

Neighbors West Northwest Article

Lovebirds Closeup

10.5″ W x 13.5″ H FramedOil on Paper Mounted on Masonite During the 2020 pandemic everything feels really intense. Our community can seem so far away at times. Online engagement is all good and fine to get us through the hard times, but physical intimacy…

Phoenix Lovebirds


I painted this mural on the boarded up windows of a business that was closed because of the pandemic. This installation, and other murals near 2nd and Ankeny in Portland, were spearheaded by @kaligrey. She created an opportunity for artists to bring some light to our…

Solarpunk Mural


I was invited by Chehalem Parks and Rec in Newberg, OR to design a mural for their new fitness center. It runs along an elevated jogging track, is 330′ long and varies in height from 7’6″ to 11′. I came up with the concept of…

Heroes’ Journey


I was asked by Surface Design to paint a mural in a kids room in one of the new houses being built in Lake Oswego, OR for the 2018 Street of Dreams. My only parameters was a boy on a slack line and some mice…

Street of Dreams Kids Room


A mural designed by artist Mike Lawrence, which I painted on the west side of the New Seasons Market store in the Woodstock neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The original mural was completed on the Red Fox Vintage building by Heidi Schultz in November 2013. However,…

Woodstock Mural


This mural was designed by Portland artist Adam Sorensen, and was funded by Tri-Met under their percent for art program. It is located in SW Portland on a support beneath the MAX Train via-duct. It is 10′ x 33′ and was painted using Nova Color…

Waterfall Mural

Machine Elf crop

Oil and Acrylic on Panel 8″ x 8″ unframed 8.5″ x 8.5″ framed Are the wilds of cyberspace inhabited by entities other than human? Is the Internet haunted? Perhaps the elves and sprites who dwelt in the Otherworld of nature escaped to other virtual realms…

Machine Elf


The fine people at Paperlike did a great article on me and my work. Thanks Paperlike!

Paperlike Article