The Alchemy of Imagination

I was contacted by a corporate representative that was looking for a muralist to design and paint a memorial mural for Tim Shride, one of their team leaders who had passed away. The design was open but they wanted to include several interests that he…

Tim Shride Memorial Mural

Walnut Park Thumb

I was contracted by RACC (Regional Arts and Culture Council) to repaint this mural originally painted in 1998 by Adriene Cruz. This mural, which was originally funded through Multnomah county’s percent for art program, was one of the first murals I saw getting painted when…

Walnut Park Restoration

Lucifer Thumb

Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC Painted for Overall Murals


Chanel Thumb

30′ x 16.5′ Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC Painted this for Overall Murals, and I gotta say, that dress was CRAZY to paint. Does anyone need that many sequins and lace? In my opinion, the face was a snap comparatively. Now I understand why birds flock and…

Chanel Nº 5


This project is in Tacoma, WA, and was completed for Pierce Transit and the City of Tacoma. The concept and design is by @ryanfeddersen. Inspired by our relationship with the Tahoma glacier, and the embroidery patterns of her tribal heritage, the designs bring so much life and color to an…

Mini Tahoma


Oil on Panel 12″ x 9″ The royal contingent from the steppes of the inner Veldt stepped off their galleon and headed towards the port via the ancient sky bridge. From the bridge, the Great City lay before them; the power center of the Kethram…

Visitors to Hashmalim


Oil on Panel 12″ x 17″ Dreams are a mystery of consciousness. Why do we switch off our motor functions for about a 3rd of our lives and psychically put ourselves in strange and inexplicable situations? Materialism proposes that dreams are simply an effluvia of…

Dreamtender Angel


Oil and Enamel on Panel 20″ x 18″ A rare self portrait, capturing the magic of transformation and the power of innocence. This type of innocence is not the naiveté of a child, but rather the state we can experience when we make the choice…

Golden Child


Oil on Panel 20″ x 30″ Maria Prophetissa, otherwise known as Maria the Prophet or Mary the Jewess, was an early alchemist from around the 1st-3rd century AD. She is credited with the invention of several kinds of chemical apparatus and is considered to be…

Maria Prophetissa


24″ × 36″Oil on Panel2020 The angelic envoy of the Technosphere brings a secret missive to the Queen of Smokeless Fire. What is the message that’s whispered in her liminal palace? Is it a warning? An annunciation? The Djinn Queen knows it is of great…

Envoy to the Djinn Queen


Oil on Panel 36″ x 24″ Three aspects of our psyche. The Ape, our passions and animal instincts. The Robot, our drive to create order, efficiency, and logic. The Angel, a spirit of compassion attempting to enlighten the darkness. Each has their strengths and weaknesses,…

The Human Condition (Ape, Robot, Angel)


Oil on Panel 24″ x 18″ Loneliness can be suffocating, like the vacuum of space. Floating in the dark vastness of our selfhood, feeling untethered from all that is not us. These times have reminded us of the limits of individualism. Even in your darkest…

The Hermit


12″ x 12″ Oil on Panel 2020 As our Technosphere expands into the Other Realm, entities long sequestered to damp and dark are finding new, glittering networks to exploit. Decay was always just a means to an end. She understands these modern exchange systems, where…

Technoplexus Queen